What is My Intention?

For a moment I had to step back and really evaluate what is the intention of my journey.  I actually got into a small heated debate with a good friend who commented that from an outsiders perspective this journey may come off as a form of leisure.  I argued with him that that is not my intention.  How can visiting over 30 countries in a span of 50 days be a form of leisure?  I continued to argue that I have no intentions of staying in 5 star hotels nor travel business class.  In fairness I did see where he was coming from.  I felt I needed to give this journey more meaning.  So it got me thinking.  With his input I was finally able to envision the true intention of my journey.

Why for this cause?

5 years ago my younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 30. She underwent surgery and aggressive treatments of chemotherapy and radiation.  She completed her treatment in 2009 and since then has been in remission.

There is a mantra often recited in the practice of yoga.  “Lokah Samastha Sukinoh Bhavantu” which means,  “May all beings be happy and free, may they be free of pain and suffering”.    I am dedicating my yoga practice throughout this journey to all women stricken by this disease.  May they find the courage and strength to overcome this obstacle and be free of the pain and suffering.

I will not only blog about my experience through the 6 of the 7 continents I will be crossing but also create awareness by sharing facts and statistics about women and breast cancer in each of the countries I visit.  I am also in contact with breast cancer organizations locally and abroad in which I will link their websites to my blog.  Through this section,  people can make monetary donations for the cause of these organizations.

As I begin to prepare for what lies ahead I can honestly say I feel great about my truth and clearest intentions.  Namaste.

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4 thoughts on “What is My Intention?

  1. Your intention for your trip is inspiring and beautiful, and I’m sure you will have many inspiring and beautiful encounters in all the countries you’ll be visiting. Take care, have fun, and may you come back with a broader mind, fuller heart, and richer spirit. 🙂

  2. Jonathan

    Roland… truely inspirational! Good Luck and Share your experiences. Miss you here in guam!

  3. Karen Dianne To

    Nice Mantra!

  4. Nel dela Fuente

    Very inspiring Love! Will look forward to the stories that you will be writing on your blog. May the powers that be guide and watch over you as you go through this very meaningful endeavour. Namaste!

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