The Birth of the Concept

I’ve always loved traveling.  I distinctly remember wanting to be an explorer when I was a kid.  I kept a journal highlighting all the places I’d one day visit.  Many I studied about in school and others I’d see in the movies.

In May of 2010 I stumbled upon a youtube video posted on the facebook wall of a good friend of mine.  The video was of a guy named Matt who documented his travel around the world while dancing around quite goofy in front of the camera.  I remember thinking to myself, “How cool is that! I’d like to one day do that too.” Less the goofy dance of course. 🙂

Many of us often dream but do nothing about it.  I understand we live within certain constraints but I believe anything is possible.

So this is where it begins for me.  On September 17, 2012, I will begin my 50 day trip around the world.  I will document my travel and share my experience with you all each step of the way.  My travel will be quite minimal with nothing more than the bag on my back, a yoga mat, and a camera.

My trip will originate here in the Philippines and move eastward towards the US, South America, Canada, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia before making my way back home.  I intend on visiting over 30+ historical landmarks throughout my journey.  At each historical landmark I will incorporate my yoga practice.  I will be dedicating my yoga practice to all women stricken by breast cancer.  This entire journey is dedicated to my younger sister Christina who is a breast cancer survivor.

I intend to be back home November 7, 2012.

As I begin the planning stages and map out my journey I will be sure to fill you in.  Please stay tuned.


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6 thoughts on “The Birth of the Concept

  1. billyboi21

    I am so excited to see you travel around the world. You inspire me with this blog to do my best to travel at least half of the world. Haha.
    I know nothing is impossible despite certain constraints. But you are one lucky, blessed guy. We shall wait and see all our updates as you take your first steps to every historical landmark you are about to travel to. BON VOyage!

  2. Antonio

    do post your itinerary just in case our path crosses each other.

  3. DONNA

    WOW! we are so excited for you. At our 5 anniversary of Marriage and Cancer we did round the world in 70 days, we dragged our bikes around, much smarter idea to bring just the yoga mat. As we say, Cancer SUCKS, but for some it brings out the best in them and their families. So my hat is off to you and we wish you the best of luck. Just remember us in Guam and come back and share some laughs about the adventures you got yourself into. Remember its the Journey not the destination. We love you!!

  4. Angel

    I will be following your documented journey in this blog. We will miss you at Bliss. I wish you safety in your travel and may you realize all the things you intend to discover and MORE.

  5. R.T. Berk

    Hey Roland — I know you (a little) from Bliss. What a wonderful undertaking! If your trip takes you to Boston, my husband and I have a small condo right near Logan that you are more than welcome to! Say the word and we’ll figure out how to get a key to you. Best of luck with your journey; I look forward to following it.

    • Hi Rosemary….so sweet of you. The support I’ve been receiving from everyone has been heartwarming. Thank you, thank you! I look forward to sharing my journey with you. Love and light, Roland

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